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22 August 1983
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I'm a little GIRL with a big DREAM! XD

I've lots of things that I wanna do in the future.. Some are regarded as "important" but the rest are a bit silly~.. hoho~.. I guess I'm a bit late to be mature :B

Born as Chinese-blooded in Indonesia...I got crazy of Japanese things.. *My parents got stressed because of that --! But still I can't stop loving it^^*

I'm a Japanese Rock freak.. hoho~.. I think I've got addicted with this kind of music! I keep on listening to it anywhere..anytime.. while I'm driving, while doing my work, while waiting in a queue.. ^^
Vidoll, D'epairs Ray, Girugamesh, Distraught Overlord and L'Arc~en~Ciel are J-rock bands I like most! My interest to a certain band is really influenced by the vocalist's voice.. If I love the voice, then I'll be crazy of that band..! I love these three because of that, I love Jyui, Hizumi, Satoshi, Mikaru and Hyde's voices.. I think they have gorgeous voices!

I love cosplay too.. I have a community in my town called "SHIMATTA" where the members are J-Rock lovers and cosplay lovers *usually we do visual kei cosplay^^, harajuku sometimes..but never anime--'* But since I've worked now..I have no much time to join such events.. so sad.. but.. shikata ga nai no~..?

Ja, luv meeting you all!